Amber cameos produced by the intaglio method require only clear stones. It is connected with
the characteristics of this method: the pattern is engraved on the underside and is looked at
through the clear part of the stone. Thus, the previously selected stones are thermally
modified to achieve dark colour of the surface. Then the outer layer is polished and so the
stone is ready to be engraved.
Most stones are engraved manually with the use of various types of mills. It enables us to
produce patterns of proper depth but it is difficult to produce a series of identical cameos.
For this we use engraver-copier, a machine that copies in scale a model prepared earlier.
The machine works in three dimensions, yet the depth of the pattern is not as big as in the case of
hand-operated mills. However. Cameos produced in this way are identical; it is also possible
to engrave the same pattern left- or right-sided, what is important e.g. in the case of earrings.
The profile of a ready cameo produced by the intaglio method is shown in the picture below:

Nearly every pattern (after necessary modifications) can be engraved in amber using an
appropriate technology. If you have your own motif for a cameo, you only have to send a photo...


Setting in which we sell our products are mainly silver ones but for special order we can
produce gold settings. The vast majority of our settings are hand-made from rolled elements
with a small number of cast elements. There are also some series of products in cast settings,
yet it mainly refers to products with typical amber. All our products are in 100% made of precious metals.